Top 25 ca khúc hay nhất của J.Fla - Best Songs Ever of J Fla

Tên bài hát: Best Music Mix 2017 ☆ Top 25 Cover Songs of J Fla ☆ Best Songs Ever of J Fla
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Ca sỹ: J.Fla Music
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Best Music Mix 2017

Lời bài hát: Top 25 Cover Songs of J Fla

Dancers: Update
0:00 Rebelindustry https://goo.gl/374pjP
1:46 Sofia Al https://goo.gl/GgKduw
2:22 [Bounce] Botang Brothers - Jump (Shuffle Dance Music Video) [Premiere]
5:12 Nikolanna https://goo.gl/rxLHE6

0:03   Despacito
2:36  More Than You Know
5:15  Dont let me down
8:33  Shape of you
11:21 Thunder
13:05 Titanium + Alone
15:35 Side To Side
17:42 Closer
20:14 Scared To Be Lonely
22:26 Heathens
24:55 We don't talk anymore
27:04 Let me love you & Faded
28:49 Perfect Strangers
31:22 There For You
33:57  I Feel It Coming
36:18  See You Again & One Call Away
39:06  Alone & Sing Me To Sleep
41:53 Attention
44:14 Cold water
48:38 2U
50:57 All We Know & Don t Wanna Know
53:56 Bad Things & I Don t Wanna Live Forever
56:05 Cheap Thrills + Down

57:56 I m The One & How To Love

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